Saturday, March 13, 2010

Modern Feminine

via Domino Magazine, House Beautiful, Tracy Porter, Circa Lighting

So many good things going on right now, I'm a lucky girl! One of my favorite new missions is a mini bedroom makeover I am undertaking with the help of the lovely Courtney from Under a Paper Moon. I have been looking forward to this room redo for way too long and spring is the perfect time for renewal. The overall design theme is Modern Feminine and the overall design challenge is a teeny budget! Take a look at some of the inspiration for the room redo from .


  1. I'm excited to be working with you and looking forward to seeing your "room redo" come together too!

  2. SO funny you posted the mirror above! I have a pic saved from a West Elm/Pottery Barn catalog (not sure how old) and am trying to convince myself that I can make one? Have a big mirror in the garage from one of the bathrooms. Might be enough for two if I get the guts to do hard can it be? :)

  3. The mirror is on sale now at west elm E. I love it!


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